What is a trojan?

A Trojan is a tiny program which runs on a workstation (PC or Macintosh). It is a tool to control and watch your computer. In its simplest form, it merely records every key that you press, including your username and password when you access any computer network. Usually at some later stage, this recording of your username and password will be retrieved for illegal purposes. Hackers can also use it to occupy your computer and do something  harmful.

What can we do?
Trojan Guarder starts a system process named Guard Ghost to watch all running processes in the system memory , files in Windows, and opening network ports to search worms  and trojan horses in real time. Once a trojan or worm appears, even if it hides in other programs. Trojan Guarder will display a warning and eliminate it  immediately. Also Trojan Guarder will clear all the system link files and registry links of a trojan at the same time.

What is Assistant Ghosts?

Trojan Guarder is also assistant to help you to protect and manage your computer: Windows Ghost and IE Doctor.

Windows Ghost will strengthen your system.

IE Doctor will recover all damages caused by javascript viruses and activeX viruses.And it can also prevent hacker websites from attacking Internet Explorer of your computer.